May 30, 2020

The Protest Process


in light of the killing of #GeorgeFloyd, many have rushed to make their concerns known.

There is a process that existed long before Social Media. We must utilize it to remain focused and moving forward.

#protest #Justice #process

May 3, 2020

‘The Diaspora is Calling’ with William Mwazi, Coronavirus in China


Artist William Mwazi shares what it's like to be caught in the crosshairs of China and the Novel Coronavirus, as a person of Chinese and African American ancestry.

#Coronavirus #China #Blasian

Mar 12, 2020

Infant & Mother Mortality Rates Angela Smith


Special Guest, Angela Smith, Certified Doula and Founder
of 'BirthMark Doula Training Academy' discusses Infant & Mother Mortality Rates in the African American Community, and holistic birthing options.
To begin a fulfilling career as a Doula:
For more info:
Podcast site:
#doula #birthmarkacademy #holistic

Aug 16, 2019

The Privilege of Comfortability


Tune in as I muse on the resurgence of the term "White Supremacy"; a sleeping giant that always kept one eye open, as many in American Society had long ago looked away while it historically and fervently pervaded the lives of African-Americans.

An evil unchecked whose fear has risen again. #ElPaso  #Birmingham  #racism



Jul 1, 2019

Thoughts on Do The Right Thing 2019


Tune in as I share my thoughts on viewing Oscar Winner Spike Lee's acclaimed film, " Do The Right Thing", 30 years after it's initial release.
How far have we come? How far do we have to go? Is it still relevant?
Thank you, as always ,for supporting this podcast:

The Radiant Brilliance Show,'Where Culture Meet Conversation'

#SpikeLee #Dotherightthing #theradiantbrillianceshow



Jul 20, 2018

Benefits of travel Hibo Hussein


'The Benefits of Travel' | July 19

I speak with Hibo Hussein , a Young Woman that has traveled to 45 countries, and how she did it and how you can,too! (Picture taken in Sri Lanka) #travel #adventure #wanderlust #vacation#travelgram 🛩 #explore #holiday 💼 #travels #traveler #traveller#traveling #travelling 🗺 #toronto #travelphotography 🚅 #travelingram#travelblog 🚗 #travelblogger #traveladdict #exploretocreate#passionpassport #tourism 🛥 #mytravelgram #instapassport #tourist 🚌#traveltheworld TheRadiantBrillianceShow 
IG: @trbspodcast 🎧 #podcast 🎙

Jun 7, 2018

Mikail Hasan Black Seed Oil-Seeds of health and prosperity


Mikail Hasan, of Bilal Oil Company, enlightens listeners on the properties and benefits of Black Seed Oil.

An examination of its history sheds light on its permanency in past standards of health and for today. 
in to hear how amazing this natural preventative really is!

Tune in, also, for an opportnity that could benefit Communities economically.

May 31, 2018

Safiyyah Baldwin,EduTainer, “Challenges of Students Away from Home During Ramadhan”


Safiyyah Baldwin brings her own experiences to tonight's episode:
"Challenges of Students Away From Home For Ramadhan". 
As an "Edu-Tainer", she is making her mark with Poetry, Writing, Hosting and so much more!
She can be found on these platforms:
IG: @safiyyahstaytuned         
Youtube: Safiyyahstaytuned
Ramadhan Mubarak 🕌
To be a Guest, or to offer feedback:

May 12, 2018

Shardae Hasan, REAL GOOD FOOD,Foodie, MOMpreneur



MOMpreneur and Foodie, Shardae Hasan, discusses her recent "REAL.GOOD.FOOD" website launch while offering daily cooking strategies... with a slice of Start-up Business Advice on the side!

There's even a freebie in it for listeners!


Nov 18, 2017

Sisterhood In Social Media

Sisterhood In Social Media.
Social Media. Social Graces. Sisterhood. Listen in as I discuss the disturbing trend of tearing down one another instead of lifting each other up. In days heightened in fear and false perception, it is more important than ever to fortify a common ground with which to stand and build.
Share with someone beleaguered with frustrations from the lack of Community Support.
Let's Do This and tighten our virtual ranks!   
Leave a comment on the feed back line, 704-981-1RBS (1727) to be aired in a future podcast ! 

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